• Strategic Communications Consultancy:

Identification of the Communication Targets, Coordination of the Communication Actions towards Targets, Development of Internal Corporate Culture, Spokesperson Consultancy, Agenda Management, Crisis Management, Coporate Social Responsibility Consultancy, Corporate Publications

  • Media Relations Management:

Preparation of the Media Relations Plan, Management of Press Meetings/Trips and Interviews, Press Release Writing and Distribution, Coordination of Media Monitoring

  • Social Media and Online Communication Consultancy:

Netnographic Analysis of the Brand’s Social Media Approach, Identification of Social Media Targets and Strategy, Action Planning to Build the Digital Brand, Targeted Content Management on platforms eg. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Online Crisis Management, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design and AdministrationSitesi Tasarımı ve Yönetimi

  • Research Studies:

Identification of the necessary Studies; Perception/Reputation, Brand Positioning, Market Intelligence, Consumer, Product Researches Coordination and Evaluation of the Outcomes

  • Corporate Design and Corporate Identity:

Building/ Refreshing the Corporate Identity, Logo Design and Branding Manual, Advertising Design, Advertorial Works, Brochure and Other Colleteral Design and Production, Promotion Material Research and Production

  • Visual Communication Management:

Spokesperson Photo Shoot Service, Facility and Product Photo Shoots, Commercial and Introductory Productions, Creating of a Corporate Visual Archive

  • Sectoral Relations:

Communication with Competitors, Representation of the Sector, Communication with Institutions, Public Affairs

  • Organization Management:

Dealer Meetings, Raffles/Competitions, Product Launches, Ceremonies, Point of Sales Activities

  • International Affairs:

Marketing Activities for Globalization